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Monday, 7 March 2011

And then there were two

I know, it has taken me almost three months to finish off the last entry of the blog, it has been a crazy start to 2011. Floods, frozen pipes, relationships ending, planning to move to Stockport in a couple of months along with the day to day stuff of work and life.

Well down to the final two items on the list and were all done by the last day of 2011. So the two items were getting to medium level and grow a beard for Christmas Holidays. As from the pictures below I got some practice in and achieved a full song on Guitar Hero and then I got cocky, I went to hard then expert level and it was hardcore. My fingers could not actually keep up my timing of when to push the right buttons.

Me as Matt Bellamy from Muse on Guitar Hero.

Then came the beard, this was a late arrival on the list as money and time had caught up with me and it was something that I could do and being free as well.

The bearded wonder - the catalogue look.
Not bad attempt really with the beard, by the time I came to shave it off it was a relief to not to be itching on daily basis. Will I grow another beard again, not a chance, unless all the shavers in the world vanish.

Full frontal bearded look - the last moment before the attack of the killer shaver lol
There you go and that is it. 30 things to do celebrating being 30, hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have completing the list. I will not be doing a list of 40 things in ten years time (2020) as it will be even more impossible to collate a list and attempt 40 things. Maybe just 4 big things, who knows. I will definitely write another blog soon, probably about my love of Football and Rugby Union.

It's been a blast.

Peace, Love and Bananas xxx