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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The Christmas Dinner

We were all completely stuffed on Christmas day so that is my excuse for finally getting round to write about it. Really that is just a poor excuse, yet again it seems time has flown and I am writing in 2011 now (Rugby World Cup year as well, can not wait!) and with being busy just like the sporting schedule I have finally caught up with old father time to catch up with the remaining items on the list.

Trying to recreate our old Christmas tree but it was the camera angle that was dodgy.
So Christmas dinner at my parents with Auntie Freda down in Clevedon was a great success, everyone enjoyed the banquet me and Cheryl put on. Below you will find a timetable of events that was recorded by Cheryl of what actually happened as I was beavering away getting everything prepared. During the prep we nipped out to catch up few some mates down the pub and the drinking carried on after we got back which made it a bit more dangerous and funny.

The infamous homemade Eggnog not as good as the bought stuff.
Timeline of events

11:40am Xmas eve started with egg nogg recipe, never attempted before so like blind leading blind!!! Mark is doing a great job of separating the eggs.....

Next up home made stuffing made by Cheryl, tastes lovely!!!! I've added walnuts and apricots.

2pm-6pm ish
Been up to visit Carol Auntie (this started at the wedding apparently!) and Uncle Dave, then to the pub to meet dan, Gaz and hayley. Was lovely to have a good catch up with everyone.

7:40pm next up vegetables!!! Just had a 4 person conflab about carrots!!! Have chucked the in laws out so mark can get on with the chopping!!!

7:50pm just checked the egg nog; Mark's review of it 'it's very eggy' hahaha really?!
Chief tester Norma's (my Mum)opinion: 'more brandy!!!'

Not sure what I make of it have never had tasted proper nog (local saying down in the shires) before I've no idea whether the semolina type consistency is right or not.....

On the plus side the stuffing tastes great and mark still has all his fingers; chopping after a few pints isn't recommended......

Something past 8pm (not sure which time, had a few drinks) just watched mark prep the turkey, his face on the picture says it all haha funny bless him he did really well considering how squeamish he is! Everything is all prep-ed and ready to roll for tomorrow. Off to ring Mummy, Daddy and Louise Burton before settling down to tipsly watch the grinch.....

By the way I've just read this back and realised how many !!! I use tee hee

Stuffing the Turkey was not a good experience
As you can gather Cheryl got quite drunk by the end of it along with me. None the less it turned out fantastic, despite Mum and Dad initially pestering me in the kitchen and telling me how to peel a carrot! A CARROT!!!! I think Mum was not used to having someone cook Christmas dinner for her as she has always done since time began, so it was a novelty for her not to do anything Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. While Dad just happily sitting in the lounge waiting patiently for his food. It did help that I put a DVD on  which the rather good Prince of Persia. This kept Dad out of the Kitchen and glued to the television.

Great Result on Christmas Day at the Hoddell household.
Next up the Boxing Day run and running up a mountain well Holly lane, but more of that in the next entry.

Until the next time.

Peace, Love and Bananas xxx

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