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Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Imax Factor

I had never properly been to watch a film at the Imax, I did a radio documentary project once at Farnborough College on the future of Cinema. I went to the one in Bristol where I interviewed the manager and was allowed to watch a nature programme for free. I had heard about how amazing it was to go to watch a proper film at the Imax.

The Printworks, Manchester - a cool old building.
Me and Cheryl went to see Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 1, which is a fantastic film. We went to the first showing on a Saturday morning, which is always a bit surreal when you have been in the Cinema for a couple of hours and you come out and it is still daylight. 

With the screen being as tall as seven storey building it really looked fantastic and the sound was something else. I am really glad I went and The Printworks is a beautiful building architecturally. Having not really explored that part of Manchester before it was really impressed with the area ( it was like art and media hub type of area) and I finally found out where the Urbis is where the National Football Museum will be moving to next year. Along with this we stumbled upon some of the Christmas Markets that were being held across central Manchester. That was really cool and it got us into the festive mood. 

After watching the film we tried finding a pub where it was showing the England vs South Africa game in 3D, but no luck so we ended up just watching it in boring old 2D with commentary from the Tennis being played instead of the Rugby guys. Apparently there was a fault with their Sky box so it was an interesting take on the game! Next up is the Sports/Football Marathon which should be interesting and I may have square or football shaped eyes by the end of it.

Peace, Love and Banana’s xxx

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