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Saturday, 11 December 2010

The Football Marathon

This is all about stamina and being able to cope with a fast food diet of mainly football with a sprinkling of Rugby Union and Cricket thrown to keep the interest going. With Cheryl away in London it meant I had the chance to tick this off the list, with great success as well. I had a couple of mates come round to help make sure I did this properly, thanks to Chris and Joe for your support and valued punditry hahaha. Cheryl came back early Sunday evening and it was good to have a break, I did feel that I could carry on watching another game and then I would really make Cheryl a football widow haha.

First game kicks off at Ipswich with blue lines!
Overall the quality of matches was poor to average, I think after watching Barcelona battering Real Madrid 5-0 in the El Classico earlier that week I was kind of expecting some more scintillating football. Having been spoilt like that it was always going to be like after the Lord Mayors show.  Hopefully you followed my Twitter feed to see how it all happened, you can also search for #footballmarathon and it should come up with my time line of events. With some games overlapping I had to make an executive decision about what to watch but I continually watch sport from the Saturday to the Sunday. A good result all round.

Me and my mate Chris came up with the rules for the football marathon which were the following.
1. Only allowed to watch live matches
2. No watching re-runs of matches including Match of the Day
3. Watching ESPN Classic is not allowed
4. As long as I am near the TV and can hear the match it still counts (just so I could go to the toilet and make food.)
5. Twit at least once about each game on Twitter
6. If a game overlapped with another it would be fine to switch over to the other game.

Having a break from the football to watch some Rugby.
The list below is off the games I watched.


Ipswich vs Swansea City, The Championship
South Africa vs Barbarians, Rugby Union International
Schalke vs Bayern Munich, Bundsliga
AC Milan vs Brescia, Serie A
Barcelona vs Osasuna, La Liga
Real Madrid vs Valencia, La Liga
England vs Australia, The Ashes


West Brom vs Newcastle, English Premiership
Sunderland vs West Ham Unite, English Premiership

What a save! Schalke vs Bayern Munich, Bundesliga
Peace, Love and Bananas xxx

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  1. Glad to see that the Albion match was included!
    Here's a team that can win with style!