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Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Chil-e Factor (The Fear Part 2)

I never thought it but I might be a natural at this Skiing lark, ok so it is only a one hour taster session at the Chill Factor but it was a lot of fun and I did really well. Which I am really shocked at considering I am not very well balanced and my co-ordination is not great. It was a lot of fun and I would like to do it again. Having just started a new job at West Lancs Borough Council it was a great it was a long day as Cheryl came to pick me up and go across to Manchester to meet Alan and Sarah. There we had a meal at Nandos, which it was only in York back in October where I experienced it for the first time and I love it! We had to wait ages for the food and we were getting worried that I would miss my taster session.

My impression of Eddie the Eagle
This was the brilliant Birthday present of my Brother-in-Law and FiancĂ©, Alan and Sarah, if you were wondering. So we had to wolf our food down and went off to get sorted with the Ski stuff. Having got changed and then trying to figure out how to put on Ski boots which was like giving a banana to an alien. Finally got all the gear on and went out to what felt like being outside as the temperature was around about the same I think about minus five. I was amazed how the snow was actual real, I thought it would be synthetic powder type stuff. Trying to put ski’s on was the easy part, trying to walk was another thing all together. It felt like having giant flippers on your feet with boots locked halfway up your shin, a weird sensation for the first 20 minutes.

Left to right: Me, Alan and Sarah.
The instructor was good and taught us how to walk up the slope to the halfway point which was far enough for me before I started slowly sliding back down again. I finally got use to it and we started to ski down trying out different ways to jump, balance and turn direction. I only managed to fall over twice and the second time I just fell over while the instructor was talking. It felt like it was in slow motion and took a couple of attempts to heave me back up again. The instructor and Cheryl watching from the balcony said I really done well for a first timer. It was a fun hour and something I would like to try again.

Look no hands! - who needs poles!?!
Peace, Love and Banana’s xxx

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  1. You're looking good Mark, glad that you enjoyed it.