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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Ch, Ch, Changes (again)

Some of you eagle eyed people may have noticed the list has changed somewhat. Due to time and finances things have been changed so I am able to complete the list by 31st Decemeber 2010.

So far I am happy with what I have achieved and the changes made and now that I have got some work at last it has come at a good time as I have done most things on the list. Now there is not much left, which at some points in the year I would not be able to get it done. With on the final straight it has been an amazing year and I am proud what I have achieved but I will be glad when it is over come 1st January 2011, no more list I can relax.

I will blog soon about the Chill Factor Ski Session I did and going to the Imax Cinema at The Printworks, Manchester.

Peace, Love and Bananas  xxx

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