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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Ch, Ch, Changes (again)

Some of you eagle eyed people may have noticed the list has changed somewhat. Due to time and finances things have been changed so I am able to complete the list by 31st Decemeber 2010.

So far I am happy with what I have achieved and the changes made and now that I have got some work at last it has come at a good time as I have done most things on the list. Now there is not much left, which at some points in the year I would not be able to get it done. With on the final straight it has been an amazing year and I am proud what I have achieved but I will be glad when it is over come 1st January 2011, no more list I can relax.

I will blog soon about the Chill Factor Ski Session I did and going to the Imax Cinema at The Printworks, Manchester.

Peace, Love and Bananas  xxx

Monday, 15 November 2010

The Fear (Part 1)

I am still aching all across my back and arms after conquering Rock Climbing. It was well worth the pain now as it helped me get over my fear of climbing heights. Me and Joe (who helped me prepare for the walk up Mount Snowdon) went along to Westview in Preston. Their facilities was very impressive with various types of climbing walls and we tried a couple out which went really well.

I struggled at first with just my trainers on (I was wearing clothes as well; I was not naked just in case anyone is thinking of that).  Lindsey brought over a pair of rock climbing shoes for me and that worked a lot better. This meant I actually had grip going along the mini wall and not slipping off every 10 seconds. 

On to the bigger walls and I was quite apprehensive climbing at the first attempt, getting to the top was fine. I did not look down until I got to the top and then I got scared. When I was a kid I use to get stuck once I got to the top and my body would just freeze. The instructor was good and brought me down and I felt fairly confident I could go up and down the wall again. I manage to do that a few more times as me and Joe took it in turns to have a go. With each time going up and down it became a lot easier until the last go when I felt the burn and I was just two more steps from the top. It was tiring stuff and I think I used too much of my upper body strength.  I just have to remember to use my legs to power up the wall. 

This is after I did the climbing walls, my arms grew another four feet the next morning lol.
The instructor, Lindsey, was brilliant with us. She really helped me keep Joe hanging around up there hahaha. Seriously though, it will be something I will come back to do in the future. It rounded off a great day with England battering the Aussies in the Rugby (Union is the game that only matters in the Rugby codes).

Up next is trying out skiing at The Chill Factor in Manchester, I expect my backside to be black and blue after that one. It should be fun and a little less painful hahaha. The Fear: Part 2 will be about the Skiing session, if it goes successful like a Hollywood movie franchise then there maybe a a third instalment.

Peace, Love and Bannana's xxx

York - one year on from when it all started

It started as day one on October 25th 2009, year zero for me and Cheryl. It was like a new start and what a year it has been since the day we got married. One year on and it we went up to York to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.
The resident Cat in the pub.
It was fantastic to celebrate our first proper anniversary in York, we cannot decide on what the actual date we got together on. We first stopped off at this Pub which had two resident cats in which I found amazing and amusing at the same time. One cat was dozing on a stool next to the bar, which clumsily I almost the poor thing by accident. I had to do a double take on that one. Me and Cheryl came to sit down for some food and then the ginger tabby cat came and sat at our table looked at us as much to say “hhhmmm...nice food, will you save me some” then I fussed the cat and it then curled up on the seat next to me and went to sleep. As we were finishing off are meals the cat then woke up and just stared at us waiting for some food. I don’t think the cat really need any more food I think it had plenty of the good life in that pub. On to the hotel and we found ourselves to be upgraded which was really nice by my future sister-in-law Sarah who works for the Hotel chain. We had a stunning view across the river and we could see York Cathedral rising above the rooftops of the beautiful picturesque city. A big thank you to Sarah for the booking and getting us a really nice room with a view plus a nice bottle of wine from the management.

The view from the bridge near the hotel.
We had an explore around the City and it was dark by then and we latched on to a couple of ghost tours, by accident we are both giant scaredy cats. We ventured down the cobble streets and we were getting really scared by the stories the tour guides were talking about. So we decided to find the bright lights of the town centre.
Clifford Tower - impressive home. Now just find that spare million or three. Would they except Monopoly money?
The next day we went to York Dungeons, walked around the castle walls, wondered through the old shopping part of York where we followed part of the ghost tours. York Dungeons was brilliant and very scary with my heart racing constantly and both me and Cheryl spooking each other or laughing at each other as we took it in turns to jump at various points throughout the tour. I think the worse bit was thinking a hand was coming to get me then it appeared it was an actual real person in a cloak trying to grab me. I literally ran as fast as I could and ran straight into Cheryl and almost rugby tackling her. I had never been so scared since I went to Disney World in 1992 where me and my parents went in the Haunted House. After getting out both our hearts were pumping so fast I thought I was running the 10k all over again. We instantly found a Costa Coffee just to sit down and get a caffeine fix to calm our selves down. Thinking about it I am sure it made us more jumpy and scared plus being Halloween everything else seemed slightly more scary especially at night. After lunch we had a wonder around the nooks and crannies of York town centre and then for a nice wonder around the City walls and York Minister Cathedral. That was good, my imagination went into overdrive and I started to think how it would look like from Roman times up to the dark ages. 

Apparently the longest street name in Britain and also the shortest as well.
On the final day we went around on the red bus tour which was really good as we both got a really good look around other parts of the City we did not see. We did try to get to the Jorvik Viking Centre but there was a queue of 45 minutes to get in. Which we thought, no sod that, so we went to try out Nando’s for the first time ever. I would definitely go back again and it changed my view point that it was a northern version of Bath. York really stands out on its own as a unique city and has its own eccentric ways just like Bath in the buildings and atmosphere. 

Love the name, I would like to live there one day lol.

Peace, Love and Banana's x