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Monday, 25 October 2010

Birthday stuff

For some of my birthday presents I got was related to the list of 30. A big thank you goes to Alan and Sarah for getting me a sking lesson at The Chill Factor. Which should be fantastic if not a little painful, having never skied before! Talking of pain Cheryl treated me to a back,neck and head massage and to a very nice Italian meal at Checco's (a new Italian Restaurant in Preston). The massage I had was amazing it was painful at the start but good pain though if there is such a thing hahaha. When I was on the table and the lovely lady was working away on me I tried not to dribble as I started to fall asleep. Then I tried to wake my self up so I did not end up snoring! Lucky enough I did not, yet I was in a catatonic state of being half asleep and awake at the same time. Thank you to Cheryl for getting me such awesome present, she also got me Danger Mouse pj bottoms (picture below) which really put the cherry on the cake.

Also thank you to both sets of parents who have helped with our mini break to York to celebrate our first Wedding Anniversary. I can't believe how fast the past 12 months has flown by! I thought preparing for the wedding over 18 months went quick, this year it has been on super fast forward.

When I was at home I got a leaflet from Uncle Dave for the Clevedon Boxing Day Run. With my knee almost back to normal I can start training again soon, currently I have been doing rehab in the pool to strengthen the muscles. Cheryl has said I should do Pilates on the Wii Fit to build up more strength in the muscles/ligaments.

I am very excited and really looking forward to York now as we travel up from Bev and Keith's in Huntingdon on the Great North Road (A1) planning how and when we are going to get the other things done on the list.

Peace, love and Banana's xxx

P.S I can see why they call it the Great North Road, it goes on forever. The Romans most of had this on their Sat Nav's as a favourite route. It's all straight up!

Location:Somewhere on the A1

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Finally made it to 30! Who would of thought it?!

When I was a kid I would be cheeky to my parents sometimes and other family members, even other adults and they use to say..."Do you want to see past your next birthday" or "Do you want to reach 30?" Well I have now reached the big 3 0 and I have survived to tell the tale.

Very nice! Mum's birthday cake for my birthday, brings back memories of all the cakes she made when I was kid.

And this is my tale, not my whole life story - no that would be just silly of me and plus have you got a spare six months? Just that it could take a while and you would have to get very comfortable as some bits are just not that exciting. So this is the story of my 30th Birthday and how I managed to celebrate for almost a whole week. Which I think is pretty impressive, and justified too! As the next big one is 40! Bloody hell, that makes me shudder with the cold shiver you get when people say someone has stepped over your grave. Why is that by the way? Have they been to the future and seen some drunken person stumbling over it or some kids playing hide and seek in a grave yard!
Getting to the celebrations of my 30th birthday and the whole reason for this blog. It all started with going down to my parents in Clevedon, North Somerset as my birthday was during the week (a shame really, got to blame the Romans for this one and the arrangement of the Calender we have today). Me and Cheryl went down back home early as I was and still unemployed so I could make the most of birthday weekend at home.

On to Friday night and we went to see Bath play Gloucester in Aviva Premiership (Rugby Union) at The Rec which was a great night out in the beauitful old Roman city. Going to the game was part of my birthday present and also meant I could tick at least half of one of the objectives on my list. We are still thinking about what we are going to do with reaching the second Premiership Rugby ground. On the night it was a really good atmosphere and we had a great view (see picture below) along with a beauitful backdrop of Bath it really does live up to a picturesque ground of real beauty. It is not until you really start scratching below the surface that it is a ramshackled ground with real character. Due to half the ground having to be packed up when the Rugby is not on and letting the general public use it for whatever they want. We walked in and it was a strange place with a Wurzels type tribute band playing in one of the beer tents and the toilets being portaloos like you get at a music festival which were next to the bars. There were also the smell of pasties and cider which Cheryl seemed to be so shocked by, she could not belive Bath was living up to the West Country stereotype.

A view of the posh end (Hospitality and Prawn Sandwiches included)
From the picture below, saw people watching the game from the huge house behind the stand and there was also a porch area we could just about see. We loads of people watching with their cider and wine in hand enjoying  the spectacle of a fierce and competitive West Country derby.

The game itself was a a good, Bath did not really front up and looked like they did not want as much as Gloucester did, sorry for the use of a very old sporting cliche but it is the best way to describe it. A shock win for Gloucester at the Rec was an amazing achievement. I think there record down at Bath is 2 wins in 20 years, impressive result.

The teams just starting to come out on the pitch.

By the time we got to go and watch Bristol play Bedford Blues at The Memorial Stadium we tried to catch up as many people as possible. It was good to catch up with family and firends it was a whirlwind weekend with hardly a chance to catch my breath. Saying that on Saturday night in the Pub it was so nice to have a proper pint of cider on tap as well! The next morning the hangover was not too bad hahaha. On to Sunday it was off to watch my hometown team, Bristol play Bedford Blues in the recent restructured and much critcised new league The Championship (copying what they have done in Football).

Scrum time in the game Bristol vs Bedford, The Memorial Stadium

Try time for Briz?

It was good to go down and see Briz play and shout myself hoarse, Briz did not win but they came close within seven points which meant a losing bonus point. After losing out to Exeter Chiefs in the first ever Championship Play-off Final, Bristol has seen half their squad leave and a major resructure of the whole club went on over the summer. A very simliar position which the whole country is going through at the moment. On to the match and a new look Bristol still trying to find their feet in this division played well and should of and could of won the game. It was good to see they showed passion and heart turn round a dour first half performance into an almost match winning performance. It was a great weekend and the celebrations carried on for most of the week as well with various other things going on. More about that later though.

Me and Cheryl at The Memorial Ground, home of Bristol Rugby.  

Peace, Love and Bannana's xxx