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Monday, 20 September 2010

Well that was easy. So what's been going on?

A week without Twitter or Facebook was fine and I did not get any withdrawal symptoms. Maybe it helped that I was on holiday in Menorca. When I was on honeymoon in Mexico, I thought it was exciting to update on Facebook to let people know what was going on and what an amazing time me and Cheryl were having. Even on holiday on the small Spanish island I was tempted to tweet or update my status as I had a great time with the Burtons (the in-laws). It was not until two days later that I checked any of my social networking accounts. So I feel have well and truly passed that test.

The sunrise in Menorca - a view from the Villa we stayed in.

With being on holiday for almost a whole month of August was good, but hard to get going again. Trying to get back into a routine has been hard but feels like I am getting back to it again. I am back on the job hunting trail harder than ever. I have been on an Employability course with CXL which was handy and good to brush up on the job hunting and interview skills. Along with this I have started my Level 2 in Adult Numeracy at Preston College and I have the target of getting it done by Christmas (2010). As my maths skills has not been the strongest part of me so fingers crossed it goes well. Yesterday, I started my PTTLS course (Preparing To Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector) which will help me get a job back in the Education sector where I really enjoyed working in.

Well the big 30 is coming up fast - YIKES! I was thinking of buying a couple of the national newspapers on the day of my birthday. As it is a momentous day just like the wedding last year ( which was the scariest thing I have done so far!) it would be a good idea to have as a keepsake. The idea came from Dan who I grew up with as he lived across the road from me. So the plans are to go home and see family and friends down in Clevedon. Then I will do something up North, which I am not too sure what yet. I do like what my best man (Ben) did and done a video about pushing 30. So any ideas from anybody?

Update on the knee injury: After damaging it from the 10k Great Manchester Run and walking up and down Mount Snowden. It is almost back to normal and I have started the rehab by going swimming three times a week. Wholes couple of weeks ago I tried a 10 minute run which was okay until the end when the knee started hurting badly. So going back to the Doctors to get the all clear next week hopefully.

Peace, Love and Bananas xxx