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Thursday, 19 August 2010

No Twitter or Facebook for a week! How do I cope? Easy!

It has been a busy old time since my last blog. With the world still spinning around and my knee getting better then injuring it again twice since the Manchester 10k Run it has been frustrating time. Saying that there has been about five job interviews I have gone to and have come very close to getting at least three of them.

Along with that I have been away to Newquay in Cornwall for a week with my parents and Cheryl. That was a great week away to get rid of all the stress and strife going on at the moment. Also we got to my Cousin's new baby boy, Brayden.
Land's End was cool and with their own fight for independence it felt like England had it's own Catalonia, (obviously without the football team)

Cornwall was fantastic and I had forgotten what a great place it was. I use to go there or Devon a lot when I was growing up on family holidays. It was amazing to go and see the Eden Project, which was a wonderful and colourful place teaching people about the environment. Lands End was great, too think this is the last post off England before you have to swim a lot of miles to get across to the Americas. While we were walking around you could sense and almost touch out and feel the historical events that happened here.

The view from our hotel room at sunset in Newquay.
This week I am off on holiday to Menorca with the in-laws which should be a brilliant time. It also means I get a chance to tick another item off my list. I am banned from checking Twitter and Facebook and it includes not updating my status either. I can cope without the social networking sites and Cheryl think I will crack by the middle of the holiday. Yet I am allowed to blog, so I may do this on holiday as a get out clause or a cunning plan hehehe. Check out the rest of the photo's from our holiday in Cornwall on my Facebook page.

Congratulations must go to my cousin Lucy and Luke on their first baby, Brayden, he is amazing little fella and it was great to see him when me and Cheryl were back home in Clevedon. Good luck to them and hopefully they can get some sleep soon.

Peace, Love and Banana's xxx