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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Damn dogs and evil swans

Been training well until today when every dog what to either sniff my backside or bite me going around the park. Saw a couple of swans and they gave me some evil looks as well. Did I smell or give some bad vibes to the animals? Even the ducks were lined up waiting to pounce on me by the big pond.

Anyway the training is going well and I have got up to 40 minutes and did a 5km in that time. If the Great Manchester 10k run was tomorrow I would finish it around one hour and twenty minutes, that would be really good for me. I am starting to really enjoy this running lark I can see why people do it as a hobby or a profession. It's a good way to get rid of stress and get the good brain cells bouncing round the old noggin. Like the song I will keep on running.

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Friday, 19 March 2010

The great cake expedition

Well here is my attempt at making a Victoria Sponge for Cheryl's birthday. It has gone a bit wrong in all sense of the word. If you have followed my tweets on Twitter and my status updates on Facebook you would seen a live blow by blow account of what went on. Here are the highlights.

So far so good.

Mmmm...lumpy goo!

Cooking on gas, o yeah! Well it is not actually gas it's an electric oven, a shame really.

And finally here is me after a trautmatic experience making a birthday cake hahaha.

But I have not given up and have a done a second cake with the help and motiviation of my lovely wife. Still weird that I am now married and calling Cheryl my wife but life is good with her and still laughing after all these years, together.

Well I would not even trust my self to bake my own cake after that. I am happy cooking meals and not desserts. It is one to tick of the list now, yay!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010 see all sorts going on

The title of this blog sums up what I am going to talk about really. First off, I am going dressed up in Drag for Cheryl's birthday on Friday night. I am doing the full lot apart from the high heels, I will not be able to stand in a pair of them without having a drink let alone having a few hahahaha.I don't think Preston will know what has hit it! I will be baking Cheryl's Birthday cake tomorrow which should get very Lionel Messi even after cleaning the Kitchen today, I am setting my self up for more cleaning!

I am going to do even more cooking this weekend as I am getting in some practice for making a Sunday Lunch at Easter weekend for the in-laws. Now this does not seem much trouble but my Mother-in-Law does a legendary Sunday roast with a home made pudding to round it off. I am thinking of doing beef with fresh veg and home made roast potatoes and then after this will be a chocolate chip sponge with mint custard, o yes classic school pudding. With some of Cheryl's mates staying over it will be like guinea pigs (sorry but you will be) if it is that bad we will end up going to the local carvery as a runners up prize.

Getting on to my 10km Bupa Great Manchester Run, my training is going well and so far I have got up to a 40 minute run doing 5.3km. My gluts are killing me today after the run along the Lancaster Canal, I had trouble even bending down which was a right giggle. My finishing time would be around 1 hour and 20 minutes and at the moment I would be happy with, if I got a shorter time that would be amazing. Having met up with the in-laws last Sunday I talked to Sarah about getting a practice run in for the actual run and hoping to get that done near the end of April. Along with that walking up Snowden is going to be early June and should be fun, would it be cheating if I got the train back down after walking four hours up a mountain?

My programme on Preston FM will be back on air next month and can't wait to get started and this time it will be live! Very exciting stuff and also I expect there will be some material that will end up on a bloopers tape come the end of the year. At the Movies will be live every two weeks on Thursday 6pm to 7pm and will be steaming live on Preston FM. Got lots of exciting ideas for the show and Robin co-producer/presenter will be let loose on the airwaves, you have been warned mmwaaahahahaha.

Getting to the title of this blog entry it came about from watching the Blur performance at Glastonbury Festival last year and listening back to my Blur collection and rediscovering how good they were. It is something special when you go back to albums you have not listened to in ages or even years. Parklife is a song by Blur (if you did not know already) and thought about making the contents of this entry releated to Parklife. I go running in the park next to the canal, people have picnics so mentioned about eating food, people listen to music and the radio while walking in the park. Finally, with me getting dressed up like a women you do see some weird things in the park.

There you go, I think I have cracked it and should do Radio 1 Comedy Dave's tenuous link, that might get me off the dole hahaha.

P.S I have now got a Blogging App for my phone so hope to be blogging from far flung places or tropical islands such as Prestatyn, Preston, Clevedon or Manchester.

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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Plans, meetings and more planning

Well into the third month now of the list and slowly but surely I am getting to plan how the heck I am going to get it all done by the end of December 31st 2010.

Walking up Mount Snowden is in the planning stages as I have started looking at walking boots as I can not find where my previous pair went after I had bought them for working on the UCLan Summer School in Llangollen, North Wales in 2008. That was a great job working for External Liaison in the Advancement Department shame it had to end. Now hiking up Snowden there is a couple of ways of doing it and does take a day to get up and down the mountain. That is without help of a mountain goat either which is like getting in a four wheel drive without the suspension - apparently! I am having a meeting with Alan (brother in-law) on Sunday to discuss the plans and planning to go April/May time.

Training for the BUPA 10km Great Manchester Run is going well I am up to 4.5 km in 35 minutes, so far so good with the training and need to plan with Sarah (Alan's girlfriend) about getting a practice run in on the actually course for the event as she did it last year. With running three times a week I have been told me legs look massive as I used to have sparrow legs (do I?). I am also going to set up a fund raising page for the run to raise funds for  the British Heart Foundation the decision of this particular charity came from my Father in-Law who had a heart attack while at Sea just

With finishing at Business Link Northwest I was given a wonderful leaving present of a corporate/VIP pass for a game at Preston Grasshoppers RFC for either this or next season. Just got to figure out with Cheryl when she is free to go and see a game on a Saturday, she is so busy with her Birthday coming up and even busier social calender than a member from Girls Aloud. In the six and half years that we have lived in Preston we have always talked about going to see Preston Grasshoppers and now we can. Thank you to all the Knowledge team at Business Link Northwest for keeping me in work for a year and it's been great working with you all.

Talking about Cheryl's Birthday I have had a couple of goes at making a cake for her Birthday in just under two weeks time. She has ordered a Victoria sponge which I have to make without any help from her, yet I am allowed to use the cook book for a bit of advice. I am still trying to negoitate that she has to do the clearing up and washing up as the Kitchen will look like a dough factory that has just exploded.

Regarding the Rugby grounds me and Cheryl have been discussing about going to see either Leicester Tigers or Worcester Warriors in the Guinness Premiership before the end of the 2009/2010 season. We are aiming to get to all the Premiership grounds with no time limits though. We have already been to Bristol (currently not in the Premiership), Leeds Carniege and Sale Sharks.

While I am currently not working and looking for paid jobs (not the household chores as this is mandatory) I have been getting some practice in on Guitar Hero, which is not going very well as I have tried the medium level and that is rock hard (pardon the pun) I was using my little finger which ached afterwards for a little while. I am not quite playing like Jimi Hendrix and jumping up and down in the living room but give me a couple more months you might see me busking on the streets of Preston with it all hahaha.

Regarding the family tree, well I have made a start when I was back home last month and speaking to my (Great) Aunt Freda who is 80 years old this year and got a lot of good information about the Berry family (my Mum's side) in Culcavey, Northern Ireland. That was fascinating to find out about last two generations over the Irish sea and it has given me a good starting point to carry on.

Until the next blog...Peace, Love and Banana's x

It's like they are playing like the Harlem Globetrotters...well they are, are'nt they?

I have booked the final 30th item on the list and I am very happy to reveal that is the Harlem Globetrotters Basketball team. Me and Cheryl will be going in June to see them at the LG Arena  (formerly the NEC). It should be a great experience and if I am still not in work it will keep me going and look forward to do something cool. Thinking about this sporting dynasty that has entertained millions over the years (I am not relying on Wikipedia as usual the dates are not very accurate) and watching these guys on VHS, yes good old VHS tape well actually it was BETA Max was a lot better; but that is a discussion for down the pub. Any way back to my original point, I used to play Basketball for my school, yes at the tender age of 14 I was one of the tallest in the year! Unfortunately I just stopped growing (grrrr..damn the genes, still stuck at 5ft 8 inches).

I loved Basketball and being a big fan of Orlando Magic with Penny Hardaway and Shaquille O'Neil leading the team at the time during the mid-nineties it was a team on the up. As with most sports teams I follow it is never the obvious successful teams as at the time the Chicago Bulls were the dominating force in the NBA with Micheal Jordan leading an all star team. They were like Manchester United or the Australian Cricket team of the Nineties and early 2000's - that type of successful side. I could of easily went down that route like mates at school did and support the Bulls, but me liking to be a bit different went for the Magic. After going to College in 1997 to Brunel in Bristol I lost touch with the game until now and I finally get to see my first ever live Basketball game, can't wait should be a wonderful experience.

And that folk's is the final 30th item.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Band meeting...Bret, Jermaine...present!

I can now tick off another item on the list, I have got my self booked to watch a gig at the Manchester Apollo. It is not any gig it is not even an M&S gig. It is Flight of the Conchords the fourth most popular folk cross over band from New Zealand. These two guys from New Zealand are the funniest comedy folk duo I have ever seen, pure comic gold. Check out the You Tube video if you never heard of them, I am so excited about going to see them in May. A week after seeing Peter Kay at the MEN, May is turning into comedy month for me and Cheryl.

Also I have had to make an amendment to the list with a new change, but more about that in the next instalment.