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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

One to tick off already! Thank you Dave Gorman

Me, Cheryl, Mike and Laura went to see Dave Gorman last week at Preston Charter Theatre and he was really good. I have never seen much of him on television or read much of what he has done apart from that time he did a show about finding Dave Gorman with Danny Wallace.

This was part of a great wedding present from Mike and Laura. Dave Gorman opened up with riding on to stage with a little red kids bike to represent his tour of Britain on a bike last year. Dave rode from Lands End to John O'groats on a bicycle (he must have a soar backside and a lop side meat and two veg if you know what I mean). His stand up was great with a lot of quirky stories but the second half he came into his own with his now tradtional slide show and this time it was about the history of the honey monster. It was pure comic gold!

Anyway after the show I went up to get Dave's autograph to tick the autograph off the list, a nice bloke who kindly signed it. He said that he did not consider himself to be really famous enough to be called a celebrity, so does the search go on?

And finally...the rest of the list.

Here is the rest of the list.

25. Go on a historical walk of Preston
26. Sort out all my old photo's and put them in albums
27. Go and watch Preston Grasshoppers
28. Write a blog about what I am doing this year
29. Do a Maths course
30. I am not telling you hehehe.... ;0)

I can't believe I have roped my self into the Clevedon Boxing Day run this year. It is only 4 miles but I am not looking forward to the massive hill next to mine parents I will be running up *gulp*.

It was so good being at home with my family and friends at the weekend it made me think about going back to live in the West Country or near that way, it has been a rubbish 18 months job/career wise since I was told my contract would not be renewed at UCLan in October 2008. A change of scenery may will bring better luck on the job front.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

The list....of 30!

Here is the list and the reason why I have set this blog up and by the end of the year it should tell a very interesting story. The following list is no way alphebetical or in any order (apart from the numbering of course).
  1. Climb up Snowdon (obviously walk back down as I would not want to stay up there for life!)
  2. Get to expert on Guitar Hero 5 on the Wii
  3. Bake Cheryl a Birthday cake
  4. Cook Sunday roast for the Burton family
  5. Run the Manchester 10k run
  6. Do something for Charity
  7. Go to see Peter Kay
  8. Go to a gig
  9. Cook Christmas dinner for my parents
  10. Enter the Clevedon Boxing Day run
  11. Meet a famous person and get their autograph
  12. Keep fit - meaning exercise at least twice a week
  13. Go to York/Edinburgh
  14. Visit two Guiness Premiership Rugby grounds and watch a game there
  15. Go and watch Bristol RFC in the league (home or away)
  16. Watch Bristol City at home/away - more in hope at Ashton Gate
  17. Try out rock climbing
  18. Attend a session at the Chill Factor to learn how to ski
  19. Be without Twitter/Facebook for a week
  20. Ride to work for a week there and back (work dependent)
  21. Dress up in Drag for a night out
  22. Night out in Manchester with Alan and Sarah
  23. Sort out all my old photo's and put them into albums
  24. Research and record my family tree (Hoddell's and Berry's)
The list shall be continued from I have left the list up in Preston and I am currently in Clevedon, North Somerset spending a quality weekend with friends and family.

Peace, Love and Bannana's x